planning your success


Plain and simple, it’s about you!

You are in a position where success is measured by your ability to accomplish a goal—and that is where we come in. We have the talent and the experience to get you to the point where your project is noticed for its quality, accuracy, and timeliness. Affordability is obviously always an issue, so we strive to be wisely cost efficient and offer a competitively priced solution that contributes to the overall success of the project. Details must get in the way. It’s a fast paced world and too often proper planning is not followed, which ultimately will reflect negatively on the finished product. We at SGI have spent our lives accustomed to this and have made it our second nature to focus on the end goal throughout the design and fabrication process. Our turnarounds are quick. Sometimes so quick you will find it hard to believe. Some graphics are very custom, and some are “out of the box.” Regardless of which type you need, your deadline remains the same. When planning a projects success it is always wise to put together a timeline where milestones of a project can be documented to assure no bottlenecks in the process. We are an intimate part of this process because we know that the onus is “on us” to get it done right, and on time. All projects need a plan. We pride ourselves on our ability to choose the right materials and processes to produce your project.