Severn Graphics is a full service sign shop complete with a graphics department that is specially trained in large format communication and branding. We can sit down with you and help you organize your goals and objectives and design a custom solution that will fit your needs. From a complete Wayfinding project to a sign that will drive traffic into your business we can help.

We enjoy all creative projects, and we strive to be a part of making them each a great success. We will work with your designers, ad agency, interior designers or architects to make sure that your project gets the attention required.

Alternatively, it’s no secret that design and fabrication can often be complicated processes that are integral to measuring a projects outcome. You have many options to drive the project. From using separate vendors for design and fabrication firms or using a firm that keeps both services under one roof.

The process requires important decisions that deal with budgets, design approach and timelines for fabrication. All of which can get complicated with multiple interests involved. While we work with design firms as a partnership to create successful outcomes, sometimes it is most helpful to use us for a single-firm relationship where we are able to eliminate the limitations caused by a multiple vendor approach.

By utilizing our in-house services, we are able to collaborate concisely on design, estimating, fabrication and installation and eliminate the problems with cost overruns and timely mistakes caused by multiple timeframes.