What Are Google Listing ‘Suggested Edits’?

About Your Google Listing Things change fast on the web. If you weren't paying attention, you may have missed Google's 12/09/21 announcement. The name of its local listing platform, formerly 'Google My Business (GMB)', was renamed 'Google Business Profile (GBP)'. And you are busy doing your job, so does the platform's name really matter? Maybe not, but with updates, there is often change. Google [...]

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What Is SSL?

Define SSL So let's define SSL, which stands for Secure Socket Layers. SSL is not website security, for instance where firewalls identify nefarious IP addresses and block them from visiting the site. Nope, SSL encrypts or protects a web visitors' connection from their browser to a website. It used to be that when you looked at a URL in your browser you would see [...]

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Google Listing: Getting Your Business Set Up Correctly

Google Listing Best Practices Whether your business has a visitor-friendly location or you strictly go to the client's location - you are eligible to create a Google listing business profile. That is so long as the information you submit follows Google Listing Best Practices, including whether the business has a walk-in location or NOT. If all information complies with standard Google policies then the [...]

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