PX Product List


Excel Name 


Excel Code 





Golden Rod  PX-1024  Yellow 42  Iron Oxide Yellow 
Tangerine Yellow  PX-1032  Yellow 180  Green Shade Benzimidazolone Yellow 
Selective Yellow  PX-1037  Yellow 191  Red Shade Azo Yellow 
Citrine Yellow  PX-1039  Yellow 151  Green Shade Benzimidazolone Yellow 
Marigold Yellow  PX-1040  Yellow 110  Red Shade Isoindolinone Yellow 
Amber Yellow  PX-1041  Yellow 62  Medium Shade Calcium Azo Yellow 
Primula Yellow  PX-1100  Yellow 184  Primrose Bismuth Vanadate Yellow 
Amarillo Yellow  PX-1101  Yellow 14  Green Shade Diarylide Yellow 
Opaque Mango Yellow  PX-1111  Yellow 83  Red Shade Diarylide Yellow 
Copper Orange  PX-2006  Orange 36  Red Shade Benzimidazolone Orange 
Saffron Orange  PX-2010  Orange 16  Disazo Orange 
Princeton Orange  PX-2034-D  Orange 73  Red Shade DPP Orange 
Red Orange  PX-2047  Orange 64  Red Shade Benzimidazolone Orange 
Royal Red  PX-3006  Red 48:2  Blue Shade Calcium Salt Red 
Fiesta Red  PX-3007  Red 48:1  Yellow Shade Barium Salt Red 
Ruby Red  PX-3019  Red 170  Blue Shade Naphthol Red 
Cornell Red  PX-3022  Red 170  Yellow Shade Naphthol Red 
Brick Red  PX-3027  Red 101  Yellow Shade Iron Oxide Red 
Claret Red  PX-3028  Violet 19  Red Shade Quinacridone Violet 
Carmine Red  PX-3032  Red 122  Blue Shade Quinacridone Red 
Vermillion Red  PX-3034-D  Red 254  Medium Shade DPP Red 
Lava Red  PX-3049-C  Red 60:1  Blue Shade Light Barium Salt Red 
Tyrian Purple  PX-4003-C  Violet 19  Blue Shade Quinacridone Violet 
Han Purple  PX-4010  Violet 23  Carbazole Violet 
Duke Blue  PX-5005  Blue 15:1  Red Shade Phthalocyanine Blue 
Prussian Blue  PX-5008  Blue 15:3  Green Shade Phthalocyanine Blue 
Navy Blue  PX-5025  Blue 29  Ultramarine Blue 
Forest Green  PX-6007-D  Green 7  Medium Shade Phthalocyanine Green 
Sap Green  PX-6018  Green 17  Chrome Oxide Green 
Bistre Brown  PX-7008  Brown 7  Natural Oxide Brown 
Lily White  PX-8010  White 6  Titanium Dioxide White 
Bright White  PX-8021-C  White 6  Blue Shade Titanium Dioxide White 
Quick Lime  PX-8095  NA  Calcium Oxide 
Smokey Black  PX-9011-C  Black 7  Blue Shade Carbon Black 
Jet Black  PX-9031  Black 7  High Color Carbon Black 
Sable Black  PX-9033  Black 11  Iron Oxide Black 
Coal Black  PX-9035-D  Black 7  Mid Shade Carbon Black 

*All PX products contain dioctyl terephthalate or DOTP plasticizer 

*Custom blends are available.   We prefer to use the customer’s unpigmented base and test method when matching custom colors to help ensure accuracy.