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Price and condition are the two most important factors when selling Vail homes.  A comparative market analysis (CMA) will be completed to determine fair market value for your home.  The CMA will take into consideration recently sold homes, homes currently listed for sale in the area and examine your home’s condition.

Contact the Vail Real Estate Center today for a free consultation on pricing your home as well as what we will do to market your home.  Preparing your home involves cleaning, de-cluttering and staging and we welcome the opportunity to point out steps you can take to help you Vail home stand out.  Our goal is to get your home sold in as timely a manner as possible while capturing as close to asking price as possible.

The below articles offer helpful advice on selling Vail real estate, as well as real estate around the US.

  • Price matters when it comes to selling a home.  A Vail REALTOR can be extremely helpful in helping you arrive at a fair market value for your home.  Click here to read “It’s The Price That Sells A Home” from Realty Times.
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  • Your main goal in selling your Vail home is to get an offer.  Click here to put yourself, and your home, in a a good position to receive and offer.
  • Showings are an important part of selling Vail real estate and preparing your home is important.  Click here to read “Simple Tips for Better Home Showings.
  • Staging is extremely important but is something you can do yourself. Click here to read “4 Tips for Effectively Staging Your Home for Sale” from Realty Times.
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  • Great selling tips from
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  • Preparing your home for sale means taking steps that you are willing to take.  The more improvements you make the more you can justify a higher price.  Many believe if you are going to remodel or fix any room in your home it should be the kitchen.  Click here to read “Kitchens Sell a House” from Realty Times.

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