Avon, Colorado
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Avon, Colorado has a motto, “Endless Possibilities”.  The town is centrally located in the Vail Valley and is the gateway to Beaver Creek.  Residential neighborhoods in Avon run the gamut, with condos and homes on the valley floor to condos and homes with unparalleled views on its northern mountain side.  Avon has a number of fine shops and restaurants, is home to Walking Mountain Science Center, and has a recognized Blue Ribbon school, Avon Elementary School.  Do not miss the fireworks celebrating Independence Day each year on the 3rd of July, they are the best in the state!

Avon is the only town in Eagle County with a lake in its core.  The lake is located in Harry A Nottingham Park and is a hub of activity.  The lake has a walking path surrounding it and a beach on its northern edge.  During the summer the lake is an active spot.  Here you can rent and SUP or a peddle boat, play volleyball on a sand court, or enjoy a concert on the stunning stage built on the south eastern edge of the lake.  The opportunities to play in the park or enjoy a picnic are what make this part of Avon Colorado special.

Favorite areas to live in Avon include around Nottingham Lake, Wildridge, Mountain Star, Hurd Lane and Eaglebend Drive.  Nottingham Lake places homeowners in a beautiful setting with lake views and Beaver Creek as a backdrop.  The majority of the homes abutting the lake are condos but there are a few duplex homes scattered throughout the area.  Living on Nottingham Lake places you close to the Library, the Rec Center, and numerous restaurants and shops.

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Wildridge is on the northern hillside above Avon.  The views are astounding up here and the night sky is hypnotic.  There are condos, townhomes, duplexes and single family homes scattered throughout Wildridge.  Once you see the view you will understand why people live in Wildridge.

Mountain Star is also on the northern hillside above Avon, over one valley to the east of Wildridge.  This area is the luxury home area of Avon, offering one of a kind, custom built homes with unparalleled views on large lots.  These luxury homes offer a peacefulness and serenity that many are seeking in a mountain home.

Hurd Lane and Eaglebend Drive are special streets in Avon.  The southern side of both of these streets offers frontage to the Eagle River.  Hurd Lane is primarily condos and Eaglebend Drive is primarily single family homes with a few duplexes as well.  The river makes this an ideal location in which to live.  In addition there is easy access walking or biking to town, icing on the cake.

Let the Vail Real Estate Center help you learn more about Avon real estate.  Our team welcomes the opportunity to take you around town and help you get to know the different neighborhoods in Avon.  Our experience helps you get to know the communities that make up the Vail Valley like a local.