Where we’ve been

Opened in 1976 by Joel Sparhawk established Severn Graphics in 1976. The leap from freelance work in the basement to a “Real” company was on “April Fool’s Day” 1976. He began by himself with the promise of some freelance people to help out in a jam, 2 drawing tables and an IBM Selectric. Within 2 months, Joel had 2 full-time employees and the need for new customers and a larger office.

In 1981 Joel and his employees moved to our current space and the growth spurt took off. His plan for Severn Graphics was not to build a large structured company, but to have a company of talented individuals working in an environment that would allow them to succeed at whatever level they aspired and to really enjoy what they were doing and where they did it.

Industries we serve

Any business that requires design, signage, displays, printing, photo services and other graphic needs can benefit from Severn Graphics. Some of the industries we serve include:

Real estate and new construction 

Real estate signs, barricade signage, model home interior displays, mall graphics, directional/site ID signs, site-plan/layout graphics, builder plan portfolio books, lobby signage/display cases.

Healthcare companies and hospitals
Banners, signage, custom framing, wallpaper and event posters.

National, state, and local government agencies
Event graphics and signage, brochures, flyers, training center posters, custom framing and wallpaper.

Sports teams, training facilities, and arenas
Signage, banners, point-of-purchase signage, custom displays.

Small companies 
Collateral, newsletters, marketing pieces, direct mail, signage.
Ad agencies and design firms – Advertising and PR campaign signage, banners, posters, and displays.


Event signage, posters and marketing materials.

Schools and colleges
Recruitment tradeshow displays, commemorative photo collages, sports team championship banners, lobby signage & display cases.

Menu boards, seasonal menus, giveaways, custom wallpaper, point-of-purchase signage, directional signage, ambiance prints.

Spas & gyms
Exterior signage, brochures, training manuals, point-of-purchase signage, special offer flyers

Small firms and entrepreneurs
Tradeshow displays, outdoor signage, business cards, letterhead, brochures, collateral folders, publication ads.